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While it is easy to have theories around just what is really happening on LOST, I have a few that I want to make a note of now. Just in case they really comes back around. Hey, I'm going for Plot Points here! *grin*

Cut to protect you from spoilers.

These are just from the season closer.

    • Desmond's fiancee is the daughter of Dr. Hanso. In the Hanso commercials there is a blurry image of an older man when they say 'dr. hanso' . He kind of looks like the man that Desmond was talking to in the car, who turns out to be Penny's (Penelope) dad.

    • Libby's (Elizabeth) dead husband was David. Maybe David is Dr. Hanso's first name.

    • David is dead and left it all to Libby.

    • Libby went nuts due to grief. Evidence used against her is the fact she gave a $40k boat to a stranger.

    • David's daughter, Penny has Hanso, but doesn't know where the Darma study location was located.

    • Penny isn't looking for Desmond, she is just trying to figure out where all the Hanso corporate money is going.

    • This would mean that while Libby is dead, she is likely to show up in flashback episodes and Hurley may actually remember where he knows her from. 


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