Jul. 11th, 2006

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The "To Boldly Go..." concert at Wolftrap was fantastic ! I could only think of 3 people I would want to attend this show with; hubby [livejournal.com profile] thattodd and the Howards. Add cool temperatures, a nearly full moon and both Jupiter and Mercury sparkling in the sky, it was just perfect.
I love that the conductor Emil de Cou is a Fan and provided fun intros to each of the Science Fiction music selections. And, as [livejournal.com profile] louiseroho pointed out in her LJ, he was giddy to have Leonard Nimoy as narrator. Very cute on such a professional conductor.

I can be forgetful of details, so I took note on what music was performed. In order
2001: Space Odyssey intro
King Kong (1933) I swear I can now see music in black and white!
Superman (theme)
Bride of Frankenstein (bride creation and first view of Frankie). E. deCou had fun with this and pointed out there was no actual marriage, so it really was the 'Significant Other' of Frankenstein
Star Wars (Empire themes)
Twilight Zone (People paranoid about the unknown)
X-Files (People paranoid about the known)
Nasa astronaut chatted with E. dCou opps, didn't write his name down.
Star Trek TV theme anthology
Star Trek Wrath of Khan, epilogue (with Leonard Nimoy providing live voice over for the Star Trek "Woe and Wonder" split infinitive.

And oh, yeah, Holst's The Planets with awesome Nasa footage. The Mars section had amazing vistas.


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