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Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:yes, Maryland, United States of America
Sometime it feels like writing on LJ is like screaming and no one can hear. I crave dialog and find I am starving from the lack.

Word of the Year (2012) = Clarity (with worksheet done to well, help clarify what "Clarity" looks like in my world. I'm guessing it will have a lot to do with previous year words :)
Word of the Year (2011) = Shift
Word of the Year (2010) = Do / Decide - make decision and choices, allow for creative spirit to come forward and DO something with it.
(though I'm thinking 2009 and 2010 are kinda reverse in what I've accomplished in each year)
Word of the Year (2009) = Accomplish - to succeed in doing and being active; Being conscious of the interactions and decisions on my path to accomplish my goals for mind, body and spirit
Word of the Year (2008)= Gentleness - to interact and move through my experiences this year with Gentleness.
Learn more about Word of the Year - an alternative to New Year resolutions Word of the Year by ChristineKane

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